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Dr. Sheron Fraser-Burgess, President

Since 2005, I have taught hundreds of teacher candidates and education professionals about the societal equity that is essential to a just society. A key discussion focus has been treating all social identities in ways that promote a more inclusive culture in one’s classroom.
Being Better Humans, LLC, emerged from the belief that the optimal education of our children occurs in a society that promotes its values as a social ethic. Gifted with the constitutional ideals of liberty, equality, and popular government in democracy, the United States possesses this compass in its DNA. This company is a vision of human-centered decision-making in communities, formal associations, and the public and private sectors of a democratic society.
In 2005, I received a Ph.D. in philosophy from the University of Miami. Prior to studying philosophy I was a missionary with Campus Crusade for Christ and a middle and high school English language teacher. I am also an honors graduate of Wellesley College. The company is founded on faith-based spiritual principles and philosophical traditions of the inherent worth of every person and the possibility of a purpose-filled life.

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Rev. Darry l Burgess, M.T.S., CPE V, BCC

Centering faith-based spiritual presence as an essential component of human flourishing has been my life’s work, since my years as a Marshall University football player. From 1984-1990, I was a scholarship defensive back for a university that was struggling to come back from the tragic loss of an entire team and coaching staff in a plane crash in 1970. I was there to be part of its first winning season.
My own come-back story from a career-ending injury led to being a college chaplain, after graduating from Marshall University, with athletic teams at universities, such as Kent State, University of Miami, and Ball State University. During that time, I started a 501(C) 3 company, Bibles for Athletes. I later entered health care chaplaincy, where I completed five clinical pastoral education units in-residency, before beginning my current work as a prison chaplain.
I received my Master of Theological Studies from Anderson University in 2011. I am board certified with the Association of Professional Chaplains. I am an ordained minister with the Church of God of Anderson, Indiana.

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