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Customized Engagement


Our Consultancies

Corporate Package: Ethics of Inclusive Excellence
  • Vision building

  • Person-building 

  • Team-building  

Getting Coffee
Corporate Package: Supporting Faith-Based Spiritual Presence
  • On-call Faith-Based Company Chaplain

  • On-campus or Remote or Faith-based Spiritual Assessment & Support 

  • On-site or Remote Dedicated Chaplain Office Hours

  • After the Pandemic & Loss: Support Groups to Transition to In-person Workplace Environments

Public Sector Package: Education
  • Developing the Knowledge and Habits of Mind for Ethical Decision-making in School Leadership & Teaching Practice

  • Participatory Action-Based Professional Development

    • For Anti-racist Teaching and Curriculum

    • Through Teacher Praxis as Theory of Change

Engineering Class
Praying Together
Religious Institutions: Cultivating the Beloved Community
  • Facilitating Courageous Conversations about Race/Ethnicity with Church Leaders

  • Teach &Talk on Texts Seminars

  • Prepare Laypersons to Lead Small Groups on Racial/Ethnic Diversity

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