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Building the Civic Commons



Research validates the importance of divergent viewpoints for innovation in collective endeavors.  With corporations, religious institutions,  or  community associations, organizations that alienate forms of difference can inhibit the benefits that come from diverse perspectives. In a corporate setting,  an ethic of inclusive excellence acknowledges the transactional value of innovation and practices that foster it in a democratic society. Therefore, it is eminently concerned with acknowledging and addressing obstruction to constructive conflict and building a corporate culture that can entertain and even thrive from different perspectives and backgrounds. In the public sector democratic values motivate a culture of pluralism. BBHC offers collaboration in three areas that relate to fostering equity as part of an ethical corporate and societal culture: vision, people, and teams.


Whether in corporate culture, K-12 schools, or churches, Being Better Humans , LLC offers curriculum and services that locate and move beyond obstructions, strife, and divide to foster civil and respectful spaces.  We offer this outcome for our corporate clients in cultivating the diversity, inclusion and belonging essential to the business sector of a participatory democracy, particularly as it relates to the employee and product life-cycle. It is our deliverable as well for clients in the public sector and religious groups. 



Cultivating a shared vision about the company's role in the industry, the fit of discrete projects and the value placed on diverse persons, backgrounds, and experiences.



Generating brave explorations of social identities in the workplace for critical self-reflection, belonging, and pathways to bolstering ethical leadership for inclusive excellence.



Undergirding initiatives to hire, retain, and promote a diverse workforce where all employees believe that they have a meaningful stake in the company.

What We Do


Live workshops and seminars


Remote and in-person chaplaincy services


Remote and in-person strategic planning


Bridge cultural divides

For the Corporate World & Beyond

It begins with valuing the contribution that each person brings to society and the workplace. The human fingerprint is the impression that the physical markings of one’s fingers can imprint on a hard surface. In a similar way, each person makes a distinctive impression in the world, even in rare cases where one lacks the limbs required. Such is indelible impact of persons in their realm of influence.

We Operationalize Your Constructive Vision
At Being Better Humans, LLC, we first listen and then we partner with you to implement the evidence-based and proven strategies for an inclusive institution, workplace, and community.

Education, Ethics, & Racial Equity
Religious Institutions
Community Organizations and Associations
People In Church
Friends Talking

School districts are challenged to be ethical and equitable spaces. School leaders and teachers benefit from acquiring skills in ethical decision-making. We also provide the professional development to guide implementation of anti-racist and culturally relevant pedagogies in an educational environment of high stakes testing. Being Better Humans Consultancy, LLC has extensive experience in deepening faculty and student understanding of anti-racism and in generating multi-disciplinary curriculum and pedagogy that promotes racial equality and civic engagement. In short, anti-racist curriculum is curriculum and instruction that promotes education and critical thinking in order to identify and understand racism in the past and present. It examines diverse people’s perspectives and experiences; and promotes thinking about ways to dismantle racism through democratic processes and human rights.

Dr. Martin Luther King (1929-1968) famously said that 11 o’clock is the most segregated hour in the United States. In these early years of the 21st century, it is surprising that less than 5% of churches are multi-ethnic/multi-racial. Being Better Humans, LLC partners with churches on the difficult journey of reversing centuries of racial/ethnic division that characterize the Christian faith.

If achieving inclusion and civic engagement is your goal, we can work with you to bridge the vast cultural divide that separates communities, cultures, races/ethnicities and political persuasion. Being Better Humans, LLC, believes that only through bringing people of different lived experiences on the plain of friendship and convivial exchange can we rebuild the bonds of trust that sustain participatory democracy.

Help us learn more about your organization’s mission and how we can become a thought partner on your journey. Where do you want to start the conversation?

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