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Live workshops and seminars

Our consultancy includes live workshops and seminars that respond to our clients' goals of cultivating belonging in place and a more humane society. We conduct workshops with our corporate clients, seminars with church and religious groups, as well as workshops and professional development with school districts.


Remote and in-person ethics of inclusive excellence strategic planning

We offer diversity and inclusion innovation through a strategic planning approach that situates an ethic of inclusive excellence within our corporate clients' larger company vision.


Remote and in-person chaplaincy services

We offer the full range of services to fulfill our corporate clients' needs for providing employee and workplace support in the area of faith-based spiritual presence. Also, through facilitating dialogue circles related to the post-pandemic transition, we can be a resource in easing the process and creating an environment for new sense of inspiration around one's vocation.


Facilitate cross-cultural community-building

We offer technology that promotes peer-to-peer community-building that contributes to a participatory democracy.

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